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Slide Gate Style Dough Chunkers

Slide Gate Style Dough Chunkers
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Standard features

  • Slide Gate Style built Dough Chunkers (SGDC) are custom built to meet your dough portioning needs. It is the best solution for free flowing and somewhat sticky dough. 

  • The dough hopper is typically a four-sided inverted pyramid type S/S hopper with the S/S slide gate type dough chunking guillotine on the bottom. 
  • The slide gate guillotine is a sharpened S/S blade that is pneumatically actuated. 
  • The slide gate utilizes either a dough position sensor under the gate or a timed open-close relay on the gate to yield the proper sized dough portion to be chunked. 
  • The portioned dough can fall directly onto a dough handling belt or directly into a dough hopper at the beginning of the dough make-up line. 
  • The dough can be received directly from the dough mixer or can be positioned above a hopper on the make-up line to be fed from a bowl or trough hoist system. 
  • This type of dough chunking system is rugged, simple and easy to operate and maintain. 
  • It offers a lower cost solution for dough portioning when dough portion size control is not critical in the process. 
  • All stainless steel design for easy cleaning and easy maintenance. 
  • The hopper can be coated in a non-stick “Teflon” coating. optional.
  • Slide gate chunkers built on a “gantry” type stand are used above a divider of dough feeder/extruder. The hopper-chunker can be built so it slides out from over the machine underneath for ease of cleaning.  

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