Over Head Dough Chunkers

Over Head Dough Chunkers
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Standard features

  • Overhead Dough Chunkers (OHDC) are designed in various models for portioning the dough into a divider, a dough extruders or a primary dough feeders.
  • The chunkers utilize a pair of the proven triad type chunking blades, which are “Teflon” coated for easy dough release.  
  • Chunking blade lengths are sizes to meet the width of the receiving hopper. 
  • The systems are sanitary built, all in stainless steel. 
  • We can customize the hopper size and the support structure to meet your plant layout and production needs. 
  • The hoppers can be non-stick “Teflon” coated.
  • The chunking hoppers can be made either stationary or mobile on top of the supporting stand in order to give access into the divider or the extruder under it. 
  • Optional operator platforms are also available for personnel access to the inside of the hoppers. 
  • The systems offer advanced programmable controls as needed. 
  • The hopper can be mobile on the stand for ease of cleaning and maintenance. 
  • The S/S dough hopper can be sized to suit. 
  • Positive gear drives for a long life. 
  • The hopper can also be fabricated with a “swirl finish” S/S for easy dough release. 

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