Water Powered Bowl Tilter

Water Powered Bowl Tilter

Standard features

The Topos Water Powered Bowl Tilter (WPBT) is an all Stainless Steel unit that is designed to tilt over all Topos mixer bowls for the purposes of fully cleaning and servicing the mixer bowls. The unit only requires house water pressure [about 80 PSI] to operate. No electric or hydraulic power sources are needed. It is ideal to be placed directly in your washing room area as it is designed to be fully waterproof and for all pressures of wash down uses. It is simple and heavy duty. It serves a critical function for being able to allow you to fully clean your mixing bowls of all pathogens and allergens both inside and out. It also allows access to the underside of the bowl for both cleaning and servicing your bowls without having to roll them over which can hurt both personnel and the bowls.

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