Dough Trough Elevator, screw type

Dough Trough Elevator, screw type
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Standard features

Topos can offer both screw type (STDTH) and chain type (CTDTH) heavy duty dough trough hoists to elevate and dump large traditional dough troughs. These hoists can be made either as straight leg or angle leg units which can be either self supporting or ceiling supported. We can fabricate them either in heavy duty mild steel coated in “Steel-It” S/S coating or in solid Stainless Steel. We can also provide them with S/S dough chutes or dough hoppers for use either in front of a dough mixer [for sponge dough re-mixing] or to feed a dough divider or dough feeder. The dough hoppers can have a slide gate or a dough chunker at the bottom discharge of the hopper. We make them in all heights and widths to suit your bakery needs and layout. All controls and motors are built for a wash down environment. Optional mineral oil spray bars for use inside the dough chutes/hoppers [to minimize dough sticking] are also available.

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