Half Icer Machine

Half Icer Machine
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Standard features

The Topos half icer is an inline “flip over” style icer. It is an improved proven design that is constructed of 100% stainless steel in a sanitary design for quick and easy cleaning. This two-piece machine has both a top “flip over” icing conveyor and a mobile heated and agitated icing tank underneath. The top conveyor section has an icing manifold under the first infeed conveyor section which creates the puddle of icing for the product to convey through. Once the product “rides” through the icing puddle, it then flips over onto the take away conveyor section. Any icing that falls through the S/S conveyor belts is funneled back to the icing tank below via the powered icing catch belt with integral scraper. The mobile icing tank under the conveyor has a double wall, electrically heated tank jacket that is thermostatically controlled. The mobile tank also has an air diaphragm pump and a pneumatic sweep agitator.


  • The take away conveyor can be adjusted up and down to accommodate the proper “flip” of your product. It can be adjusted up to have no flipping if the half icer is not being used.
  • Balanced feed icing puddle manifold produces uniform icing puddle the first icing conveyor section.
  • The icing puddle’s depth and length can be controlled by this slide plate.
  • Wash down duty gearmotor drive.
  • Triple roller transfer.
  • Adjustable backstop bars to control “flip”.
  • Heavy duty S/S sanitary frame fabrication.
  • Electric immersion heaters on each end of the tank. (2) total.
  • Water jacket level sensor.
  • Large sanitary air diaphragm pump for steady icing flow control. Optional positive displacement type pump also available.
  • Unit mounted pneumatic controls for pump and sweep arms.
  • NEMA 4x electrical control cabinet has solid state heater controls, water temperature controls and the low water level sensor controls.

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