Automatic Doughnut Proofer

Automatic Doughnut Proofer
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Standard features

Our final proofing system provides a continuous tray type system with a climate controlled environment for the proofing of yeast raised dough products prior to frying. The modular design allows custom size combinations to suit varying proof times, space constraints and fryer capacities. Configurations of width can vary from 8 doughnut across to 10 across for 12 to 30 ft. long fryers. The Proofer can be built as a single or dual zone temperature-humidity system. The Touch Screen, PLC controlled, pre-wired NEMA4 control system provides quick and easy programming and allows for recording of the proofer environment. The proofer is fabricated from mostly all S/S components and utilizes non-stick coated product trays for easy product release.


  • Includes all doors “closed” and guards “in place” dafety sensors where needed, for full OSHA compliance.
  • All sanitary design fabrications with one hand door latching system.
  • Modular design allows custom size combinations to suit any application.
  • Fully insulated enclosure on the entire frame of the proofer.
  • Swing-away master electrical control enclosure for ease of service and troubleshooting access.
  • Ethernet connected control system for remote monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting capability.
  • Automatic oiling system for the tray-carrying chain and drive train.
  • Non-stick coated proofer trays, for 6, 8 ot 10 products wide.
  • Dedicated, independent heat and humidity systems in each zone in the proofer.
  • Advanced PLC controlled system for the heat and humidity delivery and for the speed and operator production data readouts, all recipe driven from the user-friendly operator’s touch screen.
  • Nickle plated tray carrying chains and sprockets.
  • Smooth dumping, static trip shoe for turning over the trays at the discharge point for gentle product release.
  • Variable speed fans for the heat-humidity distribution.
  • Positive exhaust dumping fans with integral ambient air inlet dampers to cool down the box when needed.
  • Over-torgue mechanical safety clutch on the drive chains.
  • Drawbridge discharge conveyor, with electric winch for raising and lowering the discharge conveyor.

  • Starch recovery system collets starch released from product during tray discharge.

  • Urethane multi band discharge conveyor with integral product indexer for proper alignment of the product leaving the proofer entering the fryer.

  • Lift off, S/S product transfer conveyor for float-in or flip-over type product feed into the fryer.

  • Inspection windows at the key areas of the proofer.

Technical specification

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