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Three Roller Bar (Open Frame)

Three Roller Bar (Open Frame)
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Standard features

  • Topos Three Roller Bar Open Frame mixer possess a proven Topos bowl, unique Three Roller Bar configurations and adjustable stretcher bar. The mixer yields fast, efficient and “cooler” dough mixing performance while mixing at slower agitator speeds, using less overall energy from the main drive motor and from the bowl jacket cooling system.
  • Adjustable roller bar positioning with the improved eight (8) mixing position UHMW bushing block allows for maximum mixing performance for your particular dough mixing needs. The stretcher bar (breaker bar) has four (4) adjustable positions as well. 
  • The Three Roller Bar geometry is uniquely designed for the most efficient gluten development. The dough gains elastic, smooth and uniform structure while being mixed at slower agitator speed. 
  • The heavy duty double bowl jacket ensures efficient cooling of your dough while mixing.
  • The bowl jacket has five (5) years “No Leak” warranty. 
  • The main agitator is driven by a heavy duty, high efficiency, SEW gear-motor drive with a hollow shaft, that can be two (2) speeds or VFD rated. 
  • Bowl tilting up to 110° is a standard, up to 160° optional. 
  • The bowl tilting is provided by a heavy duty hydraulic tilting package Hytos including a manual hand pump for problem free tilting during power outages and during Lock-out/Tag out.
  • The whole mixer is made from stainless-steel, reinforced serpentine type.
  • Superior Open Frame Sanitary design with no hidden areas to collect water, flour, pathogens, or allergens provides very easy access to all surfaces inside and out and easy complete sanitation.
  • Access to all surfaces of the mixer is possible without the use of tools. 
  • For operator’s safety, the mixer is equipped with the latest, simultaneous, two hand “jogging” electrical design.
  • The triple set of sanitary main shaft seals on each end of the main shaft can be removed, cleaned and maintained without the use of tools. 
  • Easy removable front and back “bowl to bowl” edge seals, easily removable hand knobs on both the front and the rear edge of the bowl mixing canopy for quick and easy sanitation. 
  • Sanitary, NEMA 4 wiring runs from the control enclosures to the electrical devices, all mounted in a “Stand Off” sanitary fashion. 

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