Fully Automated Mixing Centers

Fully Automated Mixing Centers

Standard features

  • The new Model TMC 180, TMC 240, TMC 300 Automated Mixing Center features a 180 kg, 240 kg and 300 kg capacity heavy duty spiral mixer, a hydraulic bowl tilter, bowl scraper for “sticky” doughs (optional), and dough chunker with a twin belt dough elevator.
  • It utilizes heavy-duty, sanitary, mostly stainless steel construction, and an Allen-Bradley PLC Panel View Plus touch-screen LCD display, which controls the entire unit. It has easy initialization for both preprogrammed recipes or for manual mixing control. 
  • It offers fully automatic operations from bulk ingredient loading into the mixer, programmed mixing, dough dumping, dough chunking and dough delivery to your dough divider or extruder. 
  • Topos mixing centers can be customized with a choice of dough chunkers and in various layout configurations.
  • Up to three (3) mixers can feed dough into a chunker from each of the three (3) sides. 
  • When used without the dough chunker-elevator, the dough can be deposited onto a mobile table or into a mobile fermentation trough as desired. 

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